About Beijaflore

Founded in 2000, Beijaflore is a digital strategy consulting firm with international offices in Paris, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and New York. The Group has brought together over 1,500 employees around a single mission: supporting companies to build, secure and value their digital strategy.


Digitalisation of customer loyalty and customer experience

Digitalisation of core business operations

Digital transformation of company infrastructures


Cybersecurity to protect against threats and control risks


AI, driver and booster of business

Beijaflore has 4 entities that address complementary businesses and sectors:

  • Beijaflore Digital: helps IT departments and businesses build their company’s digital strategy
  • Beijaflore Cyber Risk & Security: innovates and engages teams to secure digital risk taking
  • Graphène Advisory: enhances the value of company data thanks to artificial intelligence to create tomorrow’s businesses
  • Ykems: supports general and executive management in industry and utilities (building materials, chemicals, raw materials, agribusiness, mobility, energy) in the development and deployment of their growth strategy